Roundup: March 9

1. Webinar: Tips on Curating Your Bees - Lincoln Best

Last week we did our second webinar, featuring Lincoln Best showing us some of the specimens you curated in 2018 and some tips to follow in 2019. View the video at this link:

We may have a webinar next week with Rich Hatfield of the Xerces Society (stay tuned), but for sure we will be hearing from Jerry Paul on Wednesday March 20th on how to use iNaturalist.  

2. What is your iNaturalist ID?

As many of you might have heard - either through the training or at the Members Meeting - we are no longer using the three letter collector codes. That’s good news for those of you who use iNaturalist, as you won’t have to enter this code each time you make an observation. 

To help us transition to the new system, can you please look up your iNaturalist user name. You can do this using your desktop and logging into iNaturalist - on the phone you should see your username when you go to settings. Next fill out this 15 second form:

3. Willow Watch

Willows are just starting to open this week, with open willow flowers seen down on the south coast. Elsewhere, buds are still tight and the pussy-willows are not yet visible. If you are subscribed to the Atlas Facebook page, please share images of the state of the willows around you to help other teams gauge the progress of bloom.